King Supreme Archbishop G. L. Jones...

King Supreme Archbishop G. L. Jones is a dynamic speaker, teacher, counselor, mentor, pastor and an awesome Bishop. The King has very strong analytical and problem solving skills; in addition, King has a vast amount of information because of the revelation knowledge imparted to him via the Holy Spirit, and his experiences.  King Supreme Archbishop G. L. Jones attended William Tyndale Bible College in 1992.  During this time period King also formed, counseled, and instructed a class for Domestic Violence called “Love Talk” which has helped numerous peoples in all walks of life via the Michigan judicial system.  King Supreme Archbishop Jones is a former police officer, and Youth Officer.


The King served under the leadership of District Elder Samuel B. Ware at Christ Temple Apostolic Church in West-land, Michigan for approximately ten years. Endowed with the Word and the Spirit of God, he began evangelizing.King received his Minister’s License in October 1991, and he was ordained an Elder in 1992.  Also in the same year, The King at that time Elder Jones was extended the “Right Hand of Fellowship” and began the building of “The True Remnant of Jesus Christ Inc".

King has anointed bishops, prophets, and prophetesses, and licensed elders, pastors, ministers, evangelists, teachers, and missionaries all over the world to labor in God’s vineyard. The Kingdom is spreading throughout the world.The King has begun working in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi,California,Florida,Arizona and Texas, varies parts of Michigan.  
The King is working with various organizations in Freeport, Grand Bahamas; in addition, the King is building in Ghana West Africa, and Nigeria.  King Supreme Archbishop Jones’ future plans are to open schools, and clinics in the Caribbean islands, and this work will extend to the continent of Africa.  It is also the desire and goals of King Supreme Archbishop Jones to drill wells for water in Africa.  Currently, the King supports various families in Africa, the Caribbean islands and in the USA.

The King is teaching the truth, housing, clothing, and feeding those with a need; by being an example and teaching others to walk circumspectly in the sight of God; in addition, they lead by example by volunteering their time and services to organizations that house prisoners re-entering the community, and veterans.

King Supreme Archbishop Jones is a world renowned author who has written and published “The Hidden Secrets of the Holy Bible as It Is Written”, and “Don’t Be Out Foxed By The Devil – Learn Your ABC’S”. King has also completed four volumes of the series entitled “Christ Looks Like Me”. 

King Supreme Archbishop G. L. Jones has taught, and lectured at numerous events, conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the world.
  The King has also made guest appearances on various television and radio show.  King Supreme Archbishop Jones has been gifted to touch the very soul of an individual, and he has made a dynamic life changing impact on every person he has encountered.

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